Welcome to the Western Lupus Group

The Western Lupus Group was formed some 20 years ago as a Regional Group of the National Charity LUPUS UK to help, support and give general advice to people with Systemic and Discoid Lupus, Antiphospholipid Syndrome and associated conditions throughout Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

We regularly hold meeting and coffee mornings around our area. Sometimes these are informal and sometimes we arrange speakers such as Consultants, Dieticians, Physiotherapists and others to give an update on the latest developments and treatments in the Lupus world, as well as talks about living with Lupus, lifestyle and benefits available.

Four times a year we produce a local newsletter 'Lupuslink' that is sent out to members to keep them in touch with all the latest Lupus news in our area.

At the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath, we hold an Open Access Drop-in Centre once a month for anyone with Lupus or associated conditions, their families and carers. This gives people, if they wish, a chance to talk to others with the disease, put any general questions about Lupus they may have to our Lupus Specialist Nurse, Sister Sue Brown, and meet members on the Western Lupus Group Committee, in an informal atmosphere over a cup of tea. To find out more about our Drop-in Centre please visit our Events section.

We also arrange fund raising events from time to time and are always willing to give talks to other organisations and groups to help raise awareness for Lupus.


Lupus Walk Fundraising Event

Why not take part in our SNOBBs fundraiser. SNOBBs stands for Saturday Night Only Bonus Ball. Just £13 entitles you to play for 26 weeks, we will allocate you a number from 1-49 and if your number is the same as the National Lottery Saturday night bonus ball you win £15. If the bonus ball number is not allocated to a player, then £15 is put into the Western Lupus Groups funds, so far this year SNOBBs has raised nearly £200 for our group, and had many satisfied winners. To find out more contact us at info@westernlupus.org.uk

We also have a team of local contacts around the area that you can ring, or email if you prefer, when feeling low or want a little extra support or information. All our contacts have Lupus so are very understanding. To find a contact near you visit the Contacts page.